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Volunteer Opportunities

Facility Volunteer Training 

To meet our increased need for trained volunteers to see patients in one of our 14 partner facilities and in our Emogene Dolin Jones Hospice House.

To be eligible, you must have completed New Volunteer Orientation OR have been a trained patient care volunteer for Hospice of                                 
Huntington, Inc.  We will be discussing items specific to working with facility patients.

Patient and Family Support Training

To prepare volunteers to provide patient and family support including caregiver relief, patient socialization and companionship, and perform One-Time-Only assignments in-home. This training supplements items covered in New Volunteer Orientation and Facility Volunteer Training.  This is a more in-depth training to prepare volunteers for the requirements for in-home volunteering.

Patient Volunteers visit patients wherever patients call home, such as private homes, nursing homes or assisted living facilities. We pair patients and volunteers keeping both patient needs and the volunteer’s comfort level in mind. Often the experience is like visiting a friend while the caregiver runs an errand or who simply takes a much needed break.

Volunteer Clergy are ordained ministers or priests who volunteer to minister to patients requesting a visit to address their spiritual needs. These individuals already serve in their own faith communities and have additional hospice training to minister to the special needs of hospice patients and families. Our Volunteer Clergy visit patients and families wherever they call home or at the Emogene Dolin Jones Hospice House.

Volunteers at the Emogene Dolin Jones Hospice House provide Reception Services as a friendly welcome to visitors while Bedside Volunteers with special training assist in helping our professional staff with patient needs. Snack Basket Volunteers, from families to school organizations to faith communities, provide our house guests with snacks.

Bereavement Volunteers are specially trained to be that friendly caller who checks on family members of patients who have died. These invaluable volunteers provide families much needed support and someone to talk with about their grief.

Office Volunteers extend the hands of our professional staff in our offices. Office Volunteers help coordinate mailings, send thank you acknowledgements, answer phones or perform any number of other clerical tasks.

Gift Shop Volunteers help in our gift shop located at 1101 Sixth Avenue. If you like boutique gift shops, you’ll love working in this unique setting where every purchase is a gift. Run totally by volunteers, the Gift Shop’s profits support our mission to provide quality hospice care in our community.

Craft Volunteers include Prayer Shawl Volunteers who knit or crochet shawls or lap blankets for our patients. Other Craft Volunteers provide clothing protectors and handmade quilts. Crafters work at home or as members of groups to provide these special items.

Shining Light Volunteers are trained specifically to provide a friendly face in their faith community to answer basic questions about how to access hospice care.

Friends of Hospice meet quarterly to plan fundraising or special events for Hospice of Huntington.

Veteran Volunteers are veterans who have a special calling to visit with other veterans who are at the end-of-life and need the ear and friendship that can only come from another veteran. Vet to Vet volunteers are trained as Patient Care Volunteers.